Millinery and headwear are delicate and are required to be handled with care.

  • Keep your hat or headpiece stored in the acid free tissue paper and box provided.
  • Keep the box stored in a cool, dry location, away from sunlight.
  • Never leave your millinery in your car, or in any extreme heat, as extreme temperatures will distort the shape.
  • Avoid getting your millinery wet, such as in the rain, as it it may lose its shape and the colours may run. 
  • Treat feathers with extra care as they are very easily damaged.
  • Hats with a brim must always be handled with two hands placed evenly on each side of the brim when placing on your head. If your brim has a wire in the edge, be aware to not bend the wire when handling.

A millinery mentor once told me that we should treat our millinery the way we would treat a pair of delicate satin shoes and I have always thought this is a perfect metaphor for how we should be looking after our millinery.

Possum Ball Millinery accepts no liability for millinery damaged by heat, water or improper storage.